Cеть школ Английского языка
Митинский филиал, Москва:
Горьковский филиал, Н. Новгород:
Ленинский филиал, Н. Новгород:

Тест на знание английского языка


I ________ Bond. James Bond.

Do you like ________ at Hogwarts?

I ________ to watch a Broadway musical last week.

What ________ yesterday?

James Moriarty is good at shooting but Sebastian Moran is ________ .

Charles ________ that film.

The cat ________ at the King for two hours.

Snow White ________ eat apples every day but she doesn’t any more.

Olivia doesn’t like sushi and ________ .

I went to McDonald's yesterday and ________ for half an hour for my hamburger.

Sherlock Holmes ________ the violin last night when Inspector Lestrade came.

There was a robbery in the bar on Saint Patrick’s Day and all the green beer ________.

Unless ________ hard he won’t win the gold medal.

If I were you ________ to a doctor.

She ran away from her own wedding , ________ ?

Steven Jobs worked hard ________ “Apple”.

When the police arrived the graffiti painter Banksy ________.

He’s so hungry. When he ________ finished his fish and chips, he’ll be able to talk to you.

If the sheriff ________ through the forest he wouldn’t have been robbed by Robin Hood.

I’ve rung the bell but there’s no answer. He ________ in bed.

Harry Potter has been sitting in the classroom ________.

Winnie-the-Pooh ________ like bees. He likes honey.

I'm looking forward ________ Mafia again.

It's high time Johnny Depp ________ an Oscar!

I wish I ________ a ticket on “Titanic”.

Take that umbrella in case it ________.

When I ________ to the USA, I will become a cowboy.

House M.D. suffers ________ leg pain regularly.

I am a hobbit from the Shire. Where ________ from?

________ the Queen drink tea at 5 o’clock every day?

________ some sandwiches on the plate.

There isn’t ________ blood in Mr.Dracula’s fridge.

________ you speak French?

What are you doing now? I ________ to my friend on Facebook.